“God is Spirit” by R.C. Sproul


We make the confession that God is a spirit, but what so we mean when we say God is a spirit?  We do not mean he is a ghost but we mean that he is not physical like we are.  We are creatures that have bodies and we live inside of our bodies and our bodies move from place to place , we live wherever we are because we are physical creatures and physical creatures can only be found in a specific place.  Human beings are beings that are always somewhere and our existence is defined by our locality, but God cannot be localized in any one place at any one time.  Christ ushers us into the presence of God in heaven, although we physically can never see God he is still there.  God’s presence can never be restricted to one place.  We are an extension because we are physical and whatever is physical at all has some extension that which is not physical has no distinct extension.  We cannot be somewhere in spirit and be somewhere else physically.   God is not the only spirit in the universe that exists we also have spirits but our spirits are contained in our bodies whereas God is not contained.   God is an infinite spirit we are a finite spirit.  When the bible says that God is a spirit it does not mean that He is a nebulous force, there is something real generating that spirit, he is a being who is not physical, but is nevertheless real.


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